BUCC 2012
The Fifth Workshop on Building and Using Comparable Corpora


We solicit contributions including but not limited to the following topics:

Topics related to the special theme:
   comparable corpora use in MT
   comparable corpora processing tools/kits for MT
   parallel corpora usage
   parallel corpora processing tools/platforms
   MT for less-resourced languages
   MT for less-resourced domains
   open source SMT systems (Moses, etc.)
   publicly available SMT

Building Comparable Corpora:
   Human translations
   Automatic and semi-automatic methods
   Methods to mine parallel and non-parallel corpora from the Web
   Tools and criteria to evaluate the comparability of corpora
   Parallel vs non-parallel corpora, monolingual corpora
   Rare and minority languages
   Across language families
   Multi-media/multi-modal comparable corpora

Applications of comparable corpora:
   Human translations
   Language learning
   Cross-language information retrieval & document categorization
   Bilingual projections
   Machine translation
   Writing assistance

Mining from Comparable Corpora:
   Extraction of parallel segments or paraphrases from comparable corpora
   Extraction of bilingual and multilingual translations of single words and multi-word expressions; proper names, named entities, etc.

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