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Hrvatski projekti relevantni za jezične tehnologije

Inozemni projekti relevantni za jezične tehnologije

  • LetsMT!
  • eContent (dio FP6 okvirnoga programa EU)
  • IST (Information Society Technologies, dio FP5 okvirnoga programa EU)
  • TELRI i TELRI II (TransEuropean Language Resources Initiative, uključen i hrvatski)
  • ELAN (European Language Activity Network, uključen i hrvatski)
  • ŠUSS (odgovori na jezična pitanja, Slovenija) 
  • EU projekti: eContent (2001-2002)
    1. ETNOKA.COM, Developing a Multilingual Communication Platform for European Students
    2. EURACTIV, EurActiv CrossLingual: Working Prototype for Multilingual Policy Portals, Building on Existing EU Affairs Media
    3. LOCOMOTIVE, Facilitating localisation and automating installation procedures for eCustomer-relationship management services
    4. MNM, Minority Newspapers to New Media
    5. MUDICU, Multilingual Digital Culture Web Project
    6. PILLS, Patient Information Language Localisation System
    7. SOUND-VITAMINS , Sound Vitamins for the Aged
  • EU projekti: HLT (1999-2001)
    1. ALERT, Alert System for Selective Dissemination of Multimedia Information
    2. AMITIES, Automated Multilingual Interaction with Information and Services
    3. BINDEX, Bilingual Automatic Parallel Indexing and Classification
    4. C-ORAL-ROM, Integrated Reference Corpora for Spoken Romance Languages
    5. CATCH-2004, Converse in Athens-2004, Cologne, Helsinki
    6. CLARITY, Cross-Language Information Retrieval and Organisation of Text and Audio Documents
    7. CLASS, Collaboration in Language and Speech Science and technology
    8. CORETEX, Improving Core Speech Recognition Technology
    9. CROSSMARC, Cross-Lingual Multi-Agent Retail Comparison
    10. D-HOMME, Dialogues for the Home Machine Environment
    11. E-MATTER, E-Mail Access through the Telephone Using Speech Technology Resources
    12. ELSNET-HLT, The European Network of Excellence in Human Language Technologies
    13. HOPE, HLT Opportunity Promotion in Europe
    14. I-EYE, Interacting with Eyes: Gaze Assisted Access to Information in Multiple Languages
    15. ISLE-HLT, International Standards for Language Engineering
    16. KERMIT, Kernel Methods for Images and Text
    17. LIMBER, Language Independent Metadata Browsing of European Resources
    18. LIQUID, Language Independent Querying for Information Discovery
    19. M-PIRO, Multilingual Personalised Information Objects
    20. MATCHPAD, Machine Translation Systems for the use of Czech, Hungarian and Polish Administrations
    21. MKBEEM, Multilingual Knowledge Based European Electronic Marketplace
    22. MUCH-MORE, Multilingual Concept Hierarchies for Medical Information Organisation and Retrieval
    23. MULTIREADER, MultiReader: A Multimodal Multimedia Navigation and Reading System
    24. MUMIS, Multi-Media Indexing and Searching Environment
    25. NAMIC, News Agencies Multilingual Information Classification
    26. NESPOLE!, Negotiating through SPOken Language in E-commerce
    27. NITE, Natural Interactivity Tools Engineering
    28. PEKING, People and Knowledge Cross-Lingual Information Gathering
    29. SAFE, Secure Access Front-End
    30. SALT, Standards-based Access service to multilingual NLP-Lexicon and human-oriented Terminology resources
    31. SIRIDUS, Specification, Interaction and Reconfiguration In Dialogue Understanding Systems
    32. SMADA, Speech Driven Multimodal Automatic Directory Assistance
    33. SPEECON, Speech Driven Interfaces for Consumer Applications
    34. SPOTLIGHT, Mass market E-commerce Services Using Multi-language Natural Spoken Dialogues
    35. TQPRO, Translation Quality for Professionals
    36. VICO, Virtual Intelligent Co-Driver
  • EU projekti: Language Engineering (1997-2000)
    1. ACCESS, Automated Call Center through Speech Understanding System
    2. APOLLO, An Open Workbench for Multinational Document Creation and Maintenance
    3. ARISE, Automatic Railway Systems for Europe
    4. AVENTINUS, Advanced Information System for Multilingual Drug Enforcement
    5. CAVE, Caller Verification in Bank and Telecommunication
    6. DIET, Diagnostic and Evaluation Tools for Natural language Applications
    7. DOCSTEP, Product DOCumentation Creation and Management using STEP
    8. EAGLES, Expert Advisory Group on Language Engineering Standards
    9. ECRAN, Extraction of Content: Research at Near-market
    10. EDITO, Digital Handling and Distribution of Personalised Press Clippings
    11. ELRA, European Language Resources Association
    12. ELSE, Evaluation in Language and Speech Engineering
    13. EUROMAP, HLT Opportunity Promotion in Europe
    14. EUROSEARCH, Multilingual European Federated Search Service
    15. EUROWORDNET, Building a multilingual wordnet database with semantic relations between words
    16. FACILE, Fast and Accurate Categorisation of Information by Language Engineering
    17. HAGIS, Hazardous Goods Information System
    18. IDAS, Interactive Telephone-based Directory Assistance Services
    19. INTERVAL, Interlinguistic Terminology Validation
    20. ISLE, Interactive Spoken Language Education
    21. LETRAC, Language Engineering for Translator Curricula
    22. LINGLINK, Promotion and Support for Language Engineering in Europe
    23. LINGUANET, Communicating Through the Language Barrier
    24. MABLE, Multilingual Authoring of Business Letters
    25. MAITS, Multilingual Application Interface for Telematic Services
    26. MATE, Multi-Level Annotation Tools Engineering
    27. MAY, Multilingual Access to Yellow Pages
    28. MIETTA, Multilingual Information Extraction for Tourism and Travel Assistance
    29. MULINEX, Multilingual Indexing, Navigation and Editing Extensions for the World Wide Web
    30. MULTIDOC, Multilingual Documentation
    31. MULTIMETEO, Multilingual Production of Weather Forecasts
    32. OLIVE, A multilingual indexing tool for broadcast material based on speech recognition
    33. OTELO, Common Access to Translation Systems
    34. PAROLE, Preparatory Action for Linguistic Resources Organisation for Language Engineering
    35. PICASSO, Pioneering Caller Authentication for Secure Service Operation
    36. POP-EYE, A Multilingual Continuous Video Disclosing Tool, Based on Subtitle Indexing and Partial Translation
    37. RECALL, Repairing Errors in Computer-Aided Language Learning
    38. REWARD, Real World Applications of Robust Dialogues
    39. SCARRIE, Scandinavian Proof Reading Tools
    40. SELECT, Strategies for European LE-enhanced Communication Training
    41. SENSUS, LE for Police and Emergency Service Communications and Information Systems
    42. SIMPLE, Semantic Information for Multifunctional Plurilingual Lexica
    43. SPARKLE, Shallow PARsing and Knowledge Extraction for Language Engineering
    44. SPEAK, Supported Prototype Easy-access Authoring Keys
    45. SPEECHDAT, Speech Databases for Creation of Voice Driven Teleservices
    46. SPEECHDAT-CAR, Speech Databases for Voice Driven Teleservices and Control in Automotive Environments
    47. SPEEDATA, Speech Recognition for Data-entry applications
    48. TAMIC-P, Transparent Access to Multiple Information for the Citizen - Pensions
    49. TERM-IT, Multilingual Support for Multimedia Services
    50. TRANSROUTER, Translation Router
    51. TREE, Trans European Employment
    52. TRINDI, Task-oriented Instructional Dialogue
    53. VODIS, Advanced Speech Technologies for Voice-operated Driver Information Systems
  • EU projekti: MLIS (1997-1999)
    1. ASITEL, International Telecommunication for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises
    2. ASSIM, Assessment of the economic and social impact of multilingualism in Europe
    3. BABELTRADE, A Multilingual Real Estate Electronic Marketplace
    4. DART, Wider dissemination and application of terminological research in minority languages in the area of new technologies
    5. DHYDRO, Standardised Multilingual Hydrographic Dictionary
    6. DICOPRO, On-Line Dictionary Consultation For Language Professionals On Intranet
    7. DINT/LEATHER INFOCODE, Developing Innovative Network for Terminology
    8. ELAN, European Language Activity Network
    9. EURO-ASIE, Modular multilingual on-line service for European SMEs wishing to establish relations with Asia
    10. GEMA, Gates for an Enhanced Multilingual Resources Access
    11. INESTERM, Internet Network for European Standardized TERMinology
    12. INTERLEX, Developing General and Terminological Multilingual Databases to be exploited in the Internet from Translation Dictionaries in Electronic Format
    13. LCC, SME Language Consulting Center
    14. LTD, Localisation Tools Development
    15. MANDES, Integrated and Efficient Multilingual Document Management System with Translation and Layout/Editing Capabilities
    16. MELIN, Minority European Languages Information Network
    17. METEO, Development and provision of multilingual information service
    18. MIDAS-MLIS, MIDAS - MLIS Network
    19. MIS, A Multilingual Information Service for Travel Agents
    20. MULETA, Multilingual and Multimedia Tool on Environment, Town and Country Planning, Building and Architecture
    21. MUSI, Multilingual Summarisation Tool for the Internet
    22. MUSTER, Multilingual Subtitle Enabling Receiver
    23. NETWORK-DC, Network of Regional and International Data Centers
    24. NL-TRANSLEX, Machine Translation for Dutch and English/French/German
    25. NORDTERM-NET, Nordic Termbank Services via Electronic Network
    26. PERFEQT, Procedures; Rules For Enhanced Quality of Translations
    27. PUBLINET, Publisher Network
    28. QUARTET, QUality AssuRance Techniques for Enhancing multi-lingual Translation
    29. SOLVIT, Strategies for Solving Language and Cultural Obstacles in International Trade
    30. SPIRIT, Supporting Peripheral Industries with Realistic applications of Internet-based Technologies
    31. TDCNET, European Terminology Documentation Centre Network
    32. TRANSACCOUNT, Translation of Annual Account and Financial Reporting Documents between US and FR Acounting System
    33. WEBIT/EFCOT, A Web-based Terminology Database for Information Technology/European Forum for Computer Terminology


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